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Building Cleaning Services

There are many reason to choose office or home building cleaning services professionally. For building Owner or property manager the cleaning service if done professionally will not only keep tenants but also make them happy healthy. Professional building cleaning services attract new customers. Most of the tenants consider the cleanliness of the internal atmosphere of the building. They evaluate the cleanliness of  the workspace which is the considering factor of decision maker. Regular cleaning makes your customers happy and healthy and also attract new customers and gives a welcome notes. In case of commercial building if the company use professional building cleaning services it delights the employees who are liable for your success. Office Cleaning Houston is the best choice in Texas, USA.

Best Professional Building Cleaning Services | Office Cleaning Houston

There are many benefits which a commercial entity can get out of Professional Building Cleaning Services. Some of benefits are as follows:

  1. Professional Building Cleaning Services keep your organization's staff health and productive. Professional Building cleaning services provided by Office Cleaning Houston reduces the sickness among employees and save the expenses.  The building cleaning service reduces the spread of germs. 
  2. A beautifully cleaned office increase professionalism. Professional building cleaning services increase the reputation of the company. You need to hire right building cleaning services provider. Office cleaning Houston has its own group of Professional building cleaning services group.
  3. Dust is not permissible for office building. Germs can spread through wildfire or dust. Building Cleaning Service group from Office Cleaning Houston has the technology and mechanism make dust free workspace. Dust also bear lots of sickness and decrease the image of the company. Office Cleaning Houston use microfiber cloths, static dusters, furniture polish, and vacuum cleaners ensure good air quality inside the office and maintain healthy workspace.

Our building cleaning services designed for small to large building. Office cleaning Houston has group of employees equipped with professional tools and machines to ensure every square inch of your building customer-ready.

Building cleaning services

Building Cleaning Services Checklist

Human nature is forget sometimes but professionalism does not accept that. Whether neglected to include any service in the proposal or cleaning service fails to provide any particular service listed in Building Cleaning Services Checklist is unprofessional which results unhappy customers. Building Cleaning Services group is part of Office Cleaning Houston follow a checklist to eliminate human error. The Building cleaning services checklist make a [ ] mark for completed service as follow:

[ ] Building Front doors – wiped and washed
[ ] Include Entrance welcome mats – cleaned
[ ] Entrance Trash receptacles – empty, cleaned, re-lined
[] Front Reception counter – cleaned, disinfect and polished
[ ] Coffee table – cleaned, disinfect and put magazines
[ ] All Chairs – cleaned, disinfect
[ ] Include chair back and arms – cleaned and disinfected
[] Hard floors – cleaned and disinfected

[ ] Sweeping floor
[ ] Moped
[ ] Vacuum Cleaned floor
[ ] All Carpets cleaned

[ ] Daily
[ ] Weekly
[ ] Other ___________________________

[ ] Waxed and Polished

[ ] Weekly
[ ] Monthly
[ ] Other ____________________________

[ ] All Shelves and cabinets – dusting and cleaned
[] All Light fixtures  – dusting and cleaned
[ ] The Desks – cleaned

[] Disinfecting service – surface, corners
[] Computer monitor – dust cleaned
[ ] Keyboards – dust cleaned
[ ] Phones, earpieces and keypads – cleaned and disinfected
[ ] Remove used kitchenware

[] Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning systems – dust cleaning

[ ] Daily
[ ] Weekly
[ ] Monthly
[ ] Other _______________________________

[] All Windows – dusting and cleaned 

[] All Blinds/shades – dusting and cleaned
[] All Window sills – cleaned

[] Kitchen – cleaned and sanitized

[] Counters – cleaned and disinfect
[] Dishes – washed and replaced
[] Refrigerator – defrost and cleaned

[ ] Daily
[ ] Weekly
[ ] Monthly
[ ] Other ____________________________

[ ] Coffee maker – empty and cleaned
[] Sink and faucet – wipe off fingerprint
[] Empty trash
[] Moped floors

[] Bathroom – cleaned and disinfected

[] Toilets and urinals – disinfected and washed
[] Sinks
[] Mirrors
[] Hand dryers
[] Refill paper products
[] Empty trash
[] Mop floors

[] Stairwells – dust, vacuum and moped
[ ] Additional areas (add as many as needed)
[ ] Additional services (add as many as needed)

Value-added building cleaning services

[] Eco-friendly cleaning products
[] Recycled paper products
[] External window dry cleaning
[] Recycling services (requires additional bins)
[ ] Early start (before 5pm)
[ ] Late start (after 8pm)
[ ] High-dusting
[ ] Additional services (as many as needed)


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